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    ADAudit Plus vs. Azure portal

    ADAudit Plus Azure portal
    On-premises domain details
    Displays both on-premises and cloud details, such as SID, GUID, and user distinguished name Only displays details available in the cloud, such as user name and display name
    Activity origin
    Generates details on where the activity began, e.g., in the cloud or synced from Windows servers Does not include details on where the activity began
    Retains historical data based on the retention period configured by the user Amount of data stored depends on the license level in Azure (maximum retention duration is 30 days)
    Analyzes user login details across both on-premises and cloud environments from a single console Generates only cloud login details in reports

    Table 2: A detailed comparison of how auditing via ADAudit Plus differs from auditing via the Azure portal over multiple categories.

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