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    Amazon FSx for Windows File Server is a fully managed, native Windows file system service that lets you move your Windows-based applications requiring shared file storage to AWS.

    ADAudit Plus is a UBA-driven, real-time change auditing tool that helps you keep track of the activities happening in your Amazon FSx Windows file systems and secure your critical files in the cloud.

    With ADAudit Plus, you can audit the following events in your Amazon FSx file systems:

    • Files modified
    • Files deleted
    • Read access
    • Permission changes
    • Failed attempt to read a file
    • Failed attempt to write a file
    • Failed attempt to delete a file
    • Folder owner changes
    • Network shares read
    • Network shares added
    • Network shares modified
    • Network shares deleted

    This guide takes you through the steps involved in configuring your Amazon FSx Windows File systems for auditing in ADAudit Plus.

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