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    Enforce accountability and enhance security across your Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) environment using ManageEngine's UBA-driven change auditing solution, ADAudit Plus. It helps keep track of the changes made to various AD objects, as well as authentication attempts, to ensure compliance with regulatory mandates such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, and the GDPR.

    Highlights of auditing Azure AD using ADAudit Plus

    • Gain complete visibility into your on-premises, cloud, or hybrid AD environment from a single console.
    • Audit and record both failed and successful authentication attempts and analyze authentication patterns across both on-premises and cloud AD environments.
    • Protect your organization from various IT security threats by analyzing high-risk activities, such as when a user logs in to a disabled application or tries to sign in using a disabled account.
    • Track and report on all changes in a user account's life cycle, including creation, deletion, enabling, disabling, and restoration.
    • Audit and alert on every time a user is added or removed from a device.
    • Locate and analyze members who are added or removed from AD groups and prevent privilege misuse.
    • Meet the required security standards across Azure tenants by keeping a close eye on recently added or removed OAuth permissions.
    • Track and analyze the usage of Azure applications and the failed requests.
    • Trigger instant email or SMS notifications every time Azure AD multi-factor authentication (MFA) fails.

    This guide takes you through the process of setting up ADAudit Plus to audit an Azure AD environment.

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