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    Configuring Synology NAS auditing

    This article describes the steps to add a Synology NAS device and configure it to send logs to ADAudit Plus.

    Adding DiskStation servers

    • Log in to the ADAudit Plus web console. Navigate to the File Audit tab > Configured Server(s) > Synology NAS. Click Add Server in the top-right corner.
    • Synology NAS  Configuration

    • Enter the name of the Synology device to be configured, and click Next.
    • Select the shares to be monitored with ADAudit Plus, and click Next.

      Synology NAS add file servers.png

    Setting up log forwarding

    • In the Synology DiskStation Manager, open the Control Panel, navigate to File Services, and select Enable Transfer Log.

      Synology NAS control panel

    • Open the Log Center and navigate to Log Sending. Select Send logs to a syslog server.
    • Provide the name of the target server and the syslog port number that ADAudit Plus is listening to.
    • Set the log format to IETF (RFC 5424).
    • Click Apply.

      Synology NAS Log center location

      Note:By default, port 514 is configured as ADAudit Plus' Syslog Listening Port. This can be changed under Admin > General Settings > Connection.

    • Under the Filter tab, ensure that the following filters are selected:
      • File Station log
      • Windows file transfer
    • Synology NAS Log center Filter

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