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    Enabling auditing

    Follow the steps below to configure auditing in your target OceanStor Dorado All-Flash Storage and OceanStor Hybrid Flash Storage devices.

    1. If you have set up the management IP, configure an administrator account to access the REST API.
      • In OceanStor DeviceManager, go to Services > vStore Service > vStores and select the vStore that you want to audit.

      Go to User Management > Create and add an LDAP user.

    2. Configure audit log settings.
      Go to Settings > File Service > Audit Log and select the vStore from the drop-down.
      • Select xml as the Output Format.
      • Input your desired log file size in megabytes in the Single Log File (MB) field. By default, this will be set to 100MB.

        Enabling auditing

    3. Configure auditing options for the domain.
      Go to Services > File Service > File Systems.
      • Select the vStore and file system you want to audit.
        In the top-right corner, click More and select Modify.
      • Enable auditing and select the file system operations you want to audit.

        Enabling auditing

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