ADAudit Plus' all new DataEngine:

DataEngine is a new component part of ADAuditPlus for storing and retrieving log data more efficiently.

DataEngine will be replacing the database for audit logs, which would mean faster search and retrieval of data. It also enhances the scalability of the solution.

Where will the data be stored?

DataEngine will store its data under apps folder inside the product home folder, the default folder path being C:\Program Files (x86)\ManageEngine\ADAudit Plus\apps. Please note that any accidental deletion of files within this folder will result in data loss and hence it is recommended not to delete any files in this folder. The DataEngine is available from build 6000 and the audit logs will be stored in DataEngine hereon, so, there will be increase in size of this folder depending upon the size of the logs collected. Approximately, 15 MB of disk space would be required for every 100,000 log entries, so ensure that you have enough space in the disk drive for storing data.

Would the DataEngine run as a separate service?

Yes, DataEngine runs as a separate service with the below name "ManageEngine ADAudit Plus - DataEngine XNode"

This service should always be running for the optimal functioning of ADAuditPlus.

Which ports are to be used for DataEngine?

By default DataEngine communicates via port number 29118.

This can be changed by modifying the value of the parameter 'xnode.connector.port' in the below files. Ensure that the same value is used in both the files.


Do I need to migrate all historical data from the database (DB) to DataEngine manually?

Once the 6000 build PPM file is applied and ADAudit Plus is started, old data will automatically be moved from the DB to DataEngine. This will happen as a background task and the progress of data migration can be tracked using the Jobs link (top right corner in ADAudit Plus' console). It is not advised to stop the application when data migration is in progress.

How do I upgrade to use DataEngine?

DataEngine is available from ADAudit Plus - build 6000. To upgrade to the latest build, please visit:


  • Build 6000 stores file server audit data alone in DataEngine. And in subsequent build releases more log categories will be pushed to DataEngine.

  • Reports created by using the "Save Report with Search Criteria" will not be available and need to be re-created.

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