Configure Bulk File Servers

How to add bulk file servers :

Do the following steps:

  1. Create a file in the location 'ADAUDITPLUS_HOME\bin\servers.csv'.
  2. Enter the server names by comma separated in server.csv file.


  3. Goto folder location 'ADAUDITPLUS_HOME\bin'.
  4. Open the command prompt and run the runStandAlone.bat file.
  5. Enter the default admin credentials.
  6. Enter below command in command prompt.
  7. server add -machinetype FS -shares all -isauditpolicy true
    • -machinetype ---- which type of machine going to add (Example: fs-FileServer,ws-WorkStation,ms-MemberServer).
    • -shares ---- shares filter should be added only for file server (Example: all,single).
      • all - adds all the file shares for the given file server.
      • single - adds single file share for the given file server.
    • -isauditpolicy ---- Object Access policy will be enabled for the server via a GPO.


      • server add -machinetype fs -shares all -issacl true -isauditpolicy true
      • server add -machinetype fs -shares single -issacl true -isauditpolicy true
      • server add -machinetype fs -issacl true -isauditpolicy true
  8. Wait to complete the file server addition.
  9. You need to set necessary object level auditing for Selcted Shares from file server configuration page.
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