Exclude Configuration (File Server Audit)

Using the "Exclude configuration" files can be excluded based on file types, process names and user accessed.

File/Folders exclude support regular expression also, for eg., (?=e:\am$)* - this excludes the folder "am" from auditing. But it audits events from events from sub-folders of "am".

To add "File types", "Files" to be excluded:

  1. From the File Audit Tab of ADAudit Plus
  2. Click on "Exclude" Files under Configuration
  3. In the text box provided "Enter File Patterns to exclude from auditing separated by comma"
  4. Click on Save

Similarly "Process Names" and "Users" also can be configured to be excluded.

  • Files of the following types are excluded by default : ~*,*.bak,*.tmp
  • The text box is editable to add or remove any File Types. You can also include specific Files under the "File Types" Text box.


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