Windows File Audit Reports

Track the A-Z of 'File' read / write / access / permissions / modifications with reports traversing from authorized changes to unauthorized changes!

Pre-configured Audit Reports for File Audit

Click on the File Audit Tab and select the File Audit Reports tab on the left, to view the reports listing.

All File or Folder Changes Files Created Files Modified Files Deleted
Files Moved Files Copy-N-Pasted Files Renamed Successful File Read Access
Folder Permission Changes Folder Audit Setting Changes(SACL) Failed attempt to Read File Failed attempt to Write File
Failed attempt to Delete File Changes based on Users Changes based on Servers  

Audit every Windows files and folder changes in the domain for a selected period. The reports are a summary of all the file audit actions; with data on Files created, Files deleted, Files modified, Files accessed, Failed attempts to read, write or delete files, changes based on users / servers and folder permission changes in the domain. A Pie / bar chart summarizes the entire list of file audit actions in the selected domain. Details like who created a file, when and from where are deciphered by comparing the snapshot available.

To view File Audit Reports

  1. Click on File Audit Tab > File Audit Reports.
  2. Select the Domain > File Audit > Choose Report.
  3. Select the Period (between 1 hr and 23 hours), a custom period can also be defined & saved for easy reference.
  4. A graphical display with detailed events summary lists the audit information for the selected period.
  5. Clicking on an event in the bar graph, filters the report view highlighting only the selected event.
  6. Quick search option can be used for precise filtering.

ADAudit Plus runs a periodic scheduler based on the time mentioned for every domain. For Files Created report alone, the "File Update Schedule" runs everyday at 3 AM. The comparison between the latest data received from the present schedule and the snapshot of the previous day's schedule (time-stamped event log data) provides data on the New Files Created for that day. This methodology is applicable for Windows Server 2003 and 2008. For 2008 R2 and above Servers 'File Creation' reports are generated based on the event logs itself.

The File Update Schedule runs on a daily basis at 3:00 AM and cannot be altered[Windows 2003/Windows 2008 Servers only]. For 2008 R2 and above Servers 'File Creation' reports are generated based on the event logs itself.

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