File Audit


The File Audit reporting module allows you to track the A-Z of 'File' Read/Write/Access/Modifications with Reports traversing authorized changes to unauthorized changes!.Under the File Audit Tab you can view audit reports on access, modifications, permission changes, additions or deletions of Files / Folders in the File Server. Both Successful events and failed attempts can be configured to be captured and reported.


You must configure corresponding Audit Policies for File Servers that require audit. ADAudit Plus will show appropriate data in its reports for all File objects that SACLs have been set.

Configuring Audit Policy for File Servers and SACLs for Share objects is initiated automatically by the product if it is installed in the Local Domain. To manually configure Audit Policy for File Servers refer the steps provided in the link here. To set SACLs for Share objects refer the link here.


File Audit Dashboard


The "File Audit" dashboard shows graphical representation of the below File audit actions.

  • "File / Folder Modifications" and

  • "Failed  Access to Files / Folders".

For more convenient interpretation of access and modifications of files in the Domain. ADAudit Plus also shows a graphical representation of the Top 5 Files modified and Top 5 users who have failed to access a File / Folder.

  • "Top 5 Modified Files" and

  • "Top 5 Users with Failed Access"

File Audit Report Categories



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