Profile based File Audit Reports


Audit File Servers based on the Domain of your choice, and choose from the numerous Audit Reports at your perusal (Available Report Profiles).



List of Profile Based Reports Available to you


For user convenience ADAudit Plus provides a list of 8 pre-configured Profile Based Reports. These Reports have been configured using "File Audit Report Profiles".

  • File (or) Folder deleted

  • Folder Permission Changes

  • Folder Audit Settings(SACL) changes

  • File (or) Folder Modified

  • File Read Access Failure

  • File Write Access Failure

  • File Delete Access Failure

  • File Read Access success

To View Profile Based Reports

  1. Click on "File Audit" tab.

  2. Select "Profile Based Reports".

  3. Select the Domain (This will list all Available Profile Based Reports in the selected Domain- which are configured using Available Report Profiles or User configured Report Profiles).

  4. Select the Period.

This will show File Audit Data for the Report selected.


Profile Based Reports show File Audit data for All Available Report Profiles.


Available Report Profiles include

  1. Report Profiles provided by ADAudit Plus.

  2. Report Profiles configured by Users.




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