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The Home Tab which is the default Dashboard for ADAudit Plus provides a quick snapshot of essential audit data. Audit data of all configured Domains can be viewed from an intuitive graphic display. The graphic display helps in easier understanding of information from the dashboard view itself.


Further  The display information is grouped by Domains and Desired / Undesired Audit activities like

    • Logon Failures - Graphically represents the logon failures of all users in a domain, with the help of trend-line connecting logon failures on each day.

    • Account Management - Account management includes User, Computer and Group - Creation, Deletion and modification graphically represented with the help of Bar charts on a single interface.   

    • Logon Failure -Error Code - The Error code of a logon failure for the last 7 days or 30 days are highlighted with the help of a PIE Chart.

    • Logon Peak hour usage - Trend line of the logon counts at each hour is displayed. This will help in determining the logon peak hour for the past 7 or 30 days.

    • Account locked out users - Bar charts highlight the day to day Account Lockouts in a domain.

    • Password Changed /Set Users - Bar charts highlight the day to day Password Changed or Password Set users.

are displayed on the dashboard by default.

  • A 7 day or 30 day snapshot from the graphic display makes it easier for an administrator to identify when a desired / undesired audit event has occurred.

  • Trend lines for 7 day and 30 days helps easier understanding the trends over a period of time.

  • Administrators can click on the graphs to view its underlying data.

  • Any graph can be added to the dashboard via the "+" icon present in them in the reports tab.
  • The Home page provides the complete snapshot for all domains configured.

  • Use the refresh icon for ADAudit Plus to fetch latest data.

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