Automatic Configuration of Audit Policy and SACLs for EMC Servers


Getting Data Mover details for EMC CIFS Server:


For a succesful fetch of Data Mover details, please do the following steps and start XML API Server in the EMC Control Station before configuring EMC CIFS Server:

  1. Connect to EMC Control Station through PuTTY software.
  2. Login as root user.
  3. Use a vi text editor to 'uncomment' the following entry in the file '/nas/sys/nas_mcd.cfg'
  4. daemon "XML API Server"- executable
    optional yes
    canexit yes
    autorestart yes
    ioaccess no

  5. Save the file by entering :w!
  6. Execute the command 'service nas start' to restart the nas services.

Configure audit required EMC Servers in ADAudit Plus:


  1. Login into ADAudit Plus.
  2. Click on 'File Audit > 'EMC'.
  3. Click on 'Add EMC Server(s)' select the Server that requires audit (This will list all the EMC Servers in the Domain in a Pop-up).
  4. Select a Server and click on 'Get Shares'.
  5. Select the File Shares in the EMC Server and click on 'Next' (The below configuration box will be displayed).
  6. At the end of the configuration below, there will be 2 checkboxes:

    1. 'Audit Object Access Enabled Automatically on EMC CIFS Server'- On selecting this option, these EMC audit prerequisites will be configured automatically.
    2. 'SACL will be enabled for selected Shares'- On selecting this option, the necessary audit permissions (SACLs) will be enabled on the selected shares.
  8. You can skip the automatic configuration by not selecting the check boxes. Click Here to manually configure the Audit Policy and SACLs.
  9. Username

    Configure a EMC account with administrative permissions (Minimum priviledge: Read) for getting the Data Mover details for EMC CIFS Server.


    Type Password for the entered EMC Username.

    EMC Control Station IP Address

    Enter the Control Station IP Address to get the Data Mover details for EMC CIFS Server.

    Port No

    Default port : 80(http) 443(https). Change if you are running EMC Control Station in a different port.

    Audit Policy

    Know the Pre-Requisites for EMC Auditing.


    Enabling auditing through SACL, allows to generate a record when an access attempt fails or succeeds in the security log for each file share.

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