ADAudit Plus- Install & Uninstall

Installing ADAudit Plus

ADAudit Plus is distributed in the EXE format and available in 32 bit (ADAudit Plus.exe) & 64 bit (ADAudit Plus_x64.exe) versions for Windows and can be installed in any machine in a Domain with the recommended system requirements.

ADAudit Plus can be installed as an Application | Windows Service


By Default ADAudit Plus will be installed as an application, run the self-extracting EXE and follow the install instructions.

When ADAudit Plus is installed as an Application, ADAudit Plus runs with the privileges of the user who is logged on to the system.

Windows Service

Start Menu

After the product is installed, Type ADAudit Plus in the Start search bar > Install ADAudit Plus Service > Run as administrator.

Command Prompt

Do the following steps after product installation:

  1. Go to Start > Run > Type cmd
  2. Go to '<Installation Directory>\bin' folder on the command prompt.
  3. Type 'InstallNTService.bat'

ADAudit Plus can now be run as a Service.

Uninstalling ADAudit Plus

To uninstall ADAudit Plus, Stop ADAudit Plus and continue with the Uninstallation

First, Stop the Application

Select Start > Programs > ADAudit Plus > Stop ADAudit Plus Server

To Uninstall

Select Start > Programs > ADAudit Plus > Uninstall ADAudit Plus

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