Manual Configuration of Account Lockout Analyzer


Following configurations will enable Account Lockout Analyzer to probe Outlook Web App and ActiveSync-enabled devices as probable causes of an account lockout.

  1. Enable IIS on the server where ADAudit Plus is installed. Follow the steps provided below.
    • Click on Start and open up Control Panel.
    • In the Control Panel, click on Programs and click on Program and Features. Then click on Turn Windows features on or off.
    • In the list of Windows Features, click the plus sign (+) next to Internet Information Services and expand it. Then expand Web Management Tools and then IIS 6 Management Capability. Now, select the option IIS Metabase and IIS 6 configuration compatibility, and click OK.
  2. Configure the IIS logging (as shown below) on the Exchange Server that has the Client Server Access role enabled.
    • On the Exchange Server where Client Access Server role has been installed, open up the IIS Manager.
    • Expand the server | Expand Sites | Double-click on Default Web Site | Double-click on Logging
    • Set up the Log File Format to W3C. In the W3C Logging Fields configure the options highlighted in the following screenshot.
    • ALA supports only GMT. Thus, if the option Use the local time for file naming and rollover is selected by default and your time zone is not GMT, make sure you uncheck this option.


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