Other AD Object Changes

This reporting module provides change audit information on Containers, Password Settings, Contancts etc. These reports can also be scheduled to run at user defined times and also be emailed to user mailboxes on a hourly, daily, weekly or monthly intervals.

Pre-Configured Other AD Object Changes

Click on the Reports tab and select the Other AD Object Changes tab on the left, to view the reports listing.

Password Settings Object Changes
Recently Created Containers
Recently Deleted Containers Recently Modified Containers
Containers Permission Changes
Recently Created Contacts
Recently Deleted Contacts Recently Modified Contacts

To view an Audit Report

  1. Click on Reports Tab > Other AD Object Changes > Choose Report.
  2. Select the Domain.
  3. Select the Period (Today,Yesterday, This Week, This Month), a custom period can also be defined & saved for easy reference.
  4. A graphical display with detailed events summary lists the audit information for the selected period.
  5. Clicking on an event in the bar graph, filters the report view highlighting only the selected event.
  6. Quick search option can be used for precise filtering.

Filter Attributes in the Other AD Object Changes Category

The below filter attributes can be added or removed to the reports under the Other AD Object Changes category using the Add / Remove Columns link.

{Access Mask, Accesses, Caller User SID, Client Domain, Contact Distinguished Name, Contact Name, Container Distinguished Name, Container Name, Creation Time, Domain Controller, Event Number, Event Type, Event Type Code, Message, Modified Attributes, Modified Time, New value, Object Class, Old Value, Parent Object, Parent Object Class, Parent Object Name, Permission Changes, Primary Domain, Primary User Name, Record Number, Remarks, Time Deleted, Who Created, Who changed, Who deleted,}

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