Printer Audit Reports

Shared printers and printer servers can be configured for auditing.

To add printers for auditing,

  1. Goto "Server Audit" tab
  2. Click on "Configured Servers" on the left tree
  3. Click on "Configure Printers"
  4. Select "Add Print Servers"
  5. Select the print server and click on "Next"
  6. Select the corresponding print shares

Printer Reports

Report Name
Recent Jobs
Gives a complete list of prints happening in your environment
User Based Reports
Select any user and get the print jobs given.
Printer Usage
Get a usage statistics on the corresponding selected printer.
Printer Based Reports
Select any configured printer and obtain the print jobs performed by that printer.

The following printer attributes are reported : {Copies, DocSize, Pages, PrintedMachine, PrinterName, Printer_User_Name, Server, TimePrinted, TotalCopies, TotalJobs, TotalPages, FileName }

Note: All reports are equipped with charts that can be added to the home dashboard.

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