Audit Reports

ADAudit Plus has numerous reports to monitor your Windows Active Directory & Servers environment. View from the 150+ pre-configured audit reports with automatic periodic report generation right to your inbox with 50+ search attributes along with business / non-business / all hours base reporting. Instant E-mail Alerts | Exportable Reports | Archive Audit Data | Assign Operator roles (reports view only) for Compliance | Much, much more. An audit entry in the Security log contains the following information:

  • The action that was performed.
  • The user who performed the action.
  • The success or failure of the event and the time that the event occurred.

Active Directory Audit Reporting Categories

Administrators can track all domain events like Logon / Logoff, audit User, Group, Computer, GPO, OU, DNS changes with 150+ ready-to-view reports and email alerts.

Dashboard View | Cumulative Reports | User Logon Reports | Local Logon-Logoff Reports | Account Management Reports | User Management Reports | Group Management Reports | Computer Management Reports | OU Management Reports | GPO Management Reports | Advanced GPO Reports | Congifuration Auditing Reports | Permission Changes Reports | DNS Changes Reports | Removable Storage Audit Reports | Domain Object Changes Reports | Profile Based Reports | My Reports

File Server Audit Reporting Categories

Securely track File Server, FailOver Cluster, EMC, NetApp Filer for document changes to files (file creation / modification / deletion) and folders audit-access, shares and permissions.

Dashboard View | Cumulative Reports | File Audit Reports | Server Based Reports | User Based Reports | Share Based Reports | Profile Based Reports

Workstation Audit Reporting Categories

Monitor every user logon / logoff and know the day-to-day user actions with detailed reports of every successful / failure logon event across workstations in the network.

Local Logon-Logoff Reports

Member Server Audit Reporting Categories

Monitor every Windows Member Server change with various detailed reports: Summary Report, Process Tracking, Policy Changes, System Events, Object Management and Scheduled Tasks. File Integrity Monitoring | Printers

File Integrity Reports | Server Audit Reports | Local Logon-Logoff | Printer Audit Reports | Profile Based Reports

Compliance Audit Reporting Categories

Get specific set of detailed graphical reports for SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, PCI and FISMA Compliance to easily fulfill each regulatory requirements.

SOX Compliance Reports | HIPAA Compliance Reports | PCI-DSS Compliance Reports | GLBA Compliance Reports | FISMA Compliance Reports

Schedule Reports

Automate periodic reporting by scheduling reports and choosing the reporting frequency along with export report type (pdf, xls, csv & html) and view the reports right in your email. More on Schedule Reports >>

My Reports

Bookmark critical or popular audit reports or create custom reports for your organization and group them under My Reports. This eases the need to search for reports under the many auditing categories in ADAudit Plus.

Export Reports

ADAudit Plus reports can be easily exported in popular formats like pdf, xls, csv & html. The need to export a report arises when a security review is required with the events history, periodic reports review, for various IT Compliances requiring reports to be submitted and be what ever reason. You can also automate the periodic reporting by scheduling the reports and view them in your email.

Add To

Viewing a report is one thing and when it is a critical report, we would like to keep a constant tab of it by regular monitoring and getting automated reports to our email. Do all this and more with the Add To option above each audit report. Add to My Reports | Schedule the Report | Make as Default Report.

GPO Audit and OU Audit are done for the SACLs enabled or selected to be audited. Security Access Control Limitations are set in the ADUC (Active Directory Users and Computers) under the Advanced properties tab.


Features that are common to all the Audit Reports

  • Using the "Search" box any report can be searched.
  • Generate reports for multiple domains.
  • Use the Add / Remove Column links available in each report to select additional attributes.
  • Columnar sorting of reports.
  • Ability to print the reports.
  • Reports can be stored / exported to CSV, PDF, XLS and HTML formats.
  • Option to View Reports based on listed and Custom Selected Time Periods.
  • Add your own annotations to be displayed while exporting using the 'Change Annotation' link.
  • Perform a 'Quick Search' by inputting any attribute value that is displayed in the columns.
  • Each Report has a graphic display to help access more detailed audit information with utmost ease-of-understanding.
  • Option to select the number of rows that are to be displayed in a single page of a report.
  • One or more reports can be selected and scheduled to be run at user selected times and also emailed to one or more user email ids.

Reports on older events that were archived / backed-up can be viewed by restoring the archived data.

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