User Logon Reports

The most critical of an organization's auditing requirement is being able to montor their users logon. ADAudit Plus has a list of pre-configured reports to pin point audit information related to user logon, be it to know the logon failures, user logon activity so on....

Pre-Configured User Logon Reports

Click on the Reports tab and select the User Logon Reports tab on the left, to view the reports listing.

Logon Failures Logon Failures based on users Failures due to Bad Password Users First and Last Logon By Computers
Failures due to Bad User Name Logon Activity based on DC Logon Activity based on IP Address Domain Controller Logon Activity
Member Server Logon Activity Workstation Logon Activity User Logon Activity Recent User Logon Activity
Last Logon on Workstations User's Last Logon Users logged into multiple computers  

Audit every user logon actions across the Windows server environment. View reports based on specific actions; with data on Logon failures, logon failures based on users, logon activity based on DC / IP Address, Member Server logon activity, user's last logon and many more reports which are domain specific. A Pie / bar chart summarizes the actions in the selected domain.

To view an Audit Report

  1. Click on Reports Tab > User Logon Reports > Choose Report.
  2. Select the Domain.
  3. Select the Period (between 1 hr and 23 hours), a custom period can also be defined & saved for easy reference.
  4. A graphical display with detailed events summary lists the audit information for the selected period.
  5. Clicking on an event in the bar graph, filters the report view highlighting only the selected event.
  6. Quick search option can be used for precise filtering.

Logon Failures Report

The critical user logon failure is an error case which prevents a user from logging into the Domain and can be due to any of the reasons below:

  • Bad User Name / Password.
  • New computer account replication delay.
  • Administrator should reset the password on the account.
  • Workstation / Logon time restriction.
  • Account disabled, expired or locked out.
  • Password has expired.
  • Clock time in Workstation is not in sync with Domain Controllers.

Filter Attributes in the User Logon Reports Category

The below filter attributes can be added or removed to the reports under the User Logon Reports category using the Add / Remove Columns link.

{User Name, Logon Time, Domain Controller, Client Host Name, Client IP Address, Failure Reason, Remarks, Event Type, User SID, First Logon, Last Logon, COUNT}

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