Known Error Solution Database

'An unknown error has occured' / 'Error Code: 800706be' .... is a frustrating occurance! The known error handlers with solutions are documented below to help you have the product up and running in the quickest time possible.

Error Code

System Message



Conectivity & Permission


Access is denied

Not enough user credentials provided to collect audit data.

Privileges required for Collecting audit data


WMI Quota violation / Memory leak.

WMI is taking up too much memory.

Native Mode for event collection is recommended to overcome errors while collecting event log data using WMI service. Also, sometimes the error normally gets fixed in the next event collection itself.


The RPC server is unavailable. Error Code: 6ba

The temporary inability of the software (Server Down/Not Reachable/Busy) to connect to the Domain Controller/File Server for collecting event logs and may get fixed during the next event collection schedule.

Please ensure, these ports are not blocked by any firewall (Interrupting the communication between ADAudit plus & Servers).

* Port "389" to communicate with the LDAP Protocol.
* Port "135" to communicate with RPC.
* Port "445" to communicate with NetBIOS Session Service.
* Port "49153" - Inbound rule for the RPCSS service to allow RPC/TCP traffic for the local Event Log Service.(this is the default event collection method)
* Port "49155" - If WMI based event log collection is enabled(this is not the default)

You can also use our free tool DMZ PORT ANALYZER to find the list of ports to be opened.


Remote Procedure Call Failed. Error Code: 6be

Server Connection lost when attempting a remote procedure call for event collection.

Usually a retry of the event fetch will solve this issue. If the error still recurs ping the server, from where the product is installed.


Authentication Error

When, ADAudit Plus is unable to contact the Domain Controller.


Please try to connect/ping all the Domain Controllers listed under "Domain Settings" link from the computer where the product is installed.

If you are able to ping all the Domain Controllers, please Contact Support.



The server is not operational.


A required privilege is not held by the client.

The user account provided to ADAudit Plus doesn't have 'Event Log Read permission'.

Find the privileges required for collecting data from Security Log.

Account Lockout Analyzer Errors

Error Code

System Message




Access is Denied.

No Access Permission.

Check the Domain Account configured in domain settings has access privilege to the particular machine.

Access denied error for "Logon Session"

Access is Denied.

A missing registry value in the computer from where the error message occurs.

Please make sure that "AllowRemoteRPC" flag is not set on the target machine.
1. Logon to the target machine.
2. Open Registry editor [Click on Start --> Run-->regedit]
3. Navigate to Computer\Hkey_Local_Machine\system\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server
4. Make sure the value for "AllowRemoteRPC" is set to 1.

NetApp Filer Errors

Error Code

System Message




There are no more files to read.

When there are no more evt files to be read.

Check the NetAppEvt file path in the default location: \\NetApp Filer Name\etc$\log
Also, Check the NetApp Filer 'Audit Options'.


The System cannot find the file specified.

The NetApp auditing Evt file does not exist in the specified location.

Check the NetAppEvt file path in the default location: \\NetApp Filer Name\etc$\log. Also, check in the following location: \\NetApp Filer\C$\etc\log

Also, please configure in ADAudit Plus.


The System can not find the path specified.

The NetApp auditing Evt file share path configured in ADAudit Plus is incorrect.

Check the NetAppEvt file path in the default location: \\NetApp Filer Name\etc$\log. Also, check in the following location: \\NetApp Filer\C$\etc\log, configure in ADAudit Plus.


Access is Denied.

Not able to read the evt file on the evt share path.

Check the Domain Account configured in domain settings page has read privileges.


Bad username or password / Authorization Failed.

The username / password given in ADAudit Plus to connect to the NetApp Filer is incorrect.

Please enter the correct credentials in ADAudit Plus.


Not enough storage is available to process this command.

Not able to load the evt file on the system memory space.

Check the RAM size.


The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.

The evt file on the NetApp Filer is corrupted.

Repair / delete the corrupted evt file on the Filer.

Standalone Errors

ADAudit Plus does not load after installation

Port already in use.

ADAudit Plus runs on Port 8081, if another application is occupying 8081 on the same machine, ADAudit plus will not start.

1. Go to folder of ADAudit Plus.
2. Take a copy of Server.xml file which is present inside the \conf (For Ex : C:\ManageEngine\ADAudit Plus\conf\Server.xml). Copy and paste the file in a different location.
3. Open Server.xml present in the \conf (For Ex : C:\ManageEngine\ADAudit Plus\conf\Server.xml) in Wordpad.
4. Look for "redirectPort":
“Connector acceptCount="100" connectionTimeout="20000" debug="3" disableUploadTimeout="true" enableLookups="false" maxSpareThreads="75" maxThreads="150" minSpareThreads="25" name="WebServer" port="8081" redirectPort=""/>”
5. Change the port to an available port.
6. Save the File & restart ADAudit Plus.

ADAudit Plus Service Won’t Start

1. ADAudit Plus is already running as standalone software
2. Login failure (error code: 1)
3. Access Denied (error code: 5)

1. ADAudit Plus cannot be started as a Windows Service when ADAudit Plus is already running in console mode.
2. The user credentials applied to ADAudit plus service could not login to the domain.
3. The configured user is not having enough permission to start the service in the local machine where ADAudit Plus is installed.

Issue 1:
1. Open command prompt (run as administrator) and navigate to the bin folder in the installation directory (eg. \Program files\ManageEngine\ADAudit Plus\bin).
2. Execute the command “StopADAP.bat”.
3. Now start the service.
Issue 2: Please make sure that you have provided a valid user account. Also check the user account is enabled.
Issue 3:
Please make sure the user account provided has enough permission on the local machine where ADAudit Plus is installed.
Please follow the below steps if you are still getting an access denied:
1.Right-click on top-level folder containing the service executable. Go to Properties
2.Go to "Security" Tab
3.Click "EDIT"
4.Click "ADD"
5.Enter the name "SYSTEM", click OK
6.Highlight SYSTEM user, and click ALLOW check-box next to "Full control"
7.Click OK

ADAudit Plus Reports tab shows “No Data Available”

1. Necessary audit policies are not configured
2. Proper privileges not held by the user account provided to ADAudit Plus
3. Insufficient security log size of the configured Servers and event fetch interval

1. ADAudit Plus works on the basis of Windows native auditing for which certain audit policies needs to be configured.
2. ADAudit Plus requires enough permission to collect the security log events from the configured Servers.
3. Windows captures the changes under the security events of the respective servers and saves them as evt files. ADAudit plus periodically collects these evt files. When the security log size is too small and the data will get overwritten, upon reaching the threshold; ADAudit plus would not be able to collect those events.

Issue 1:
1. Please make sure that the required Audit Policies are configured. Given below the links for your reference.
For Domain Controllers:
1. Manually configuring audit policy.
2. Configuring SACL for AD Objects.
For EMC / File Servers:
1. Configure Object Access Auditing in a GPO.
2. Linking File Servers to the GPO.
3. Configuring SACLs.
Issue 2:
Configure the privileges and permissions required for ADAudit Plus.
Issue 3:
Please make sure that the Security log size is set to an optimum size so it can hold sufficient data, according to the event fetch interval configured in ADAudit Plus.
The recommended size (This size may vary depending on the number of users and the activity in your environment):
For Domain Controllers:
Windows Server 2003 - 256 MB
Windows Server 2008 / 2012- 512 MB
For File Servers:
Windows Server 2003 - 300 MB (Max size that can be set)
Windows Server 2008 / 2012 - 1 GB

"Procedure Call failed” on Domain Controllers / Member Servers / Workstations

1. DNS or NetBIOS name resolving error
2. The RPC service or related services may not be running
3. Network connectivity problems
4. File and Printer sharing may not be enabled

ADAudit Plus uses Remote Procedure Call to remotely connect to the configured servers and collect the security log events. RPC is a protocol that one program can use to request a service from a program located in another computer in a network.
A “Remote Procedure call failed” error is triggered when the request initiated from the client fails to reach the remote Server.

Issue 1:
Name resolution is the act of resolving a name to an IP address. This normally takes two forms: NetBIOS Name Resolution or the more common DNS Name Resolution. Please confirm that the remote server can be pinged by just the “server name” from the machine where ADAudit Plus is installed.
Eg: ping ADS-DC1
If you are able to ping by using a fully qualified domain name but not by just using the server name, then you may either have an entry in the host file or you have to create an alias for the particular server in the DNS server.
Please make sure Port "445" and "135" are to communicate with NetBioS Session Service.
Issue 2:
The Remote Procedure Call is a Windows Service which has to be up and running along with the dependent services. Please make sure that the RPC service is started and running.
Issue 3:
Please make sure that the necessary ports are open for RPC. Verify that ports greater than 1024 are not blocked. Clients connect to RPC Endpoint Mapper on port 135. RPC Endpoint Mapper then tells the client which randomly assigned port between 1024-65535 a requested service is listening on.

Database Growth

Unexplained Database Growth.

Schedule Archive Events
Exclude Configuration:
Logon Audit: Exclude User Accounts
File Audit: Exclude File types, User Accounts

No Domain Configuration Available

None of the domains are discovered.

ADAudit Plus, upon starting, discovers the domains from the DNS Server associated with the machine running the product. If no domain details are available in the DNS Server, it would show this message.

No Data Available (Event logs)

"Last Event Read Time" column shows - "Yet to Fetch event data"
"Status" column shows - "Troubleshoot"

None of the domains are discovered.

1. Ensure that the required audit policy for corresponding Domain Controllers and Servers have been enabled.
2. Ensure that an optimal size of the Security log in the eventviewer is maintained.
3. Verify if there has been an upgrade in the Domain Controller versions from "Windows Server 2008" to "Windows Server 2012". This is specific to events collected from Domain Controllers. In such a scenario, delete the Domain Controller and Re-add under the Domain Settings Tab of ADAudit Plus.
4. There might also be a scenario when ADAudit Plus has swept through the security logs but the desired audit events were not available at the time of sweep.

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