Known Issues and Limitations

  1. Group Policy Management Console(GPMC) needs to be installed on the computer where ADAudit Plus is installed, this is needed for the 'Advanced GPO Settings Change Reports'.
  2. GPMC installation is not supported in Windows Server 2003 64 bit.
  3. For Active Directory Object Change reports, Old and New values are not supported for Windows Server 2003 Operating Systems.
  4. Detailed Security (DACL / SACL / Owner) changes are not audited for File Servers in Windows Server 2003 OS.
  5. Detailed Security (DACL / SACL / Owner) changes are audited for Netapp/EMC Storage Devices.By Default this option is disabled.To Enable this, please Contact
  6. File / Folder copy reports, are not audited for NetApp and EMC Servers.
  7. MSSQL Server Express 2005 / 2008 edition supports a single database of 4GB size, and 2008 R2 and above supports 10GB.
  8. MSSQL Server only named instances are supported.
  9. Do not delete the folder in the "<installation-directory>\ADudit Plus\pgsql\data". This folder contains the entire collected audit log data, once deleted it cannot be retrieved.
  10. Real-time event collection is supported in Windows Servers 2008 and above only.
  11. Permission changes and failed attempts to read, write, or delete files are not audited for Synology DiskStation NAS drives.
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