Release Notes

The current release of ManageEngine ADAudit Plus 6.0 Build Number: 6000 includes new features, enhancements & fixes to the Build 5120.


  1. Faster search and retrieval of data with ADAudit Plus all new DataEngine.
  2. Smoothen out log collection over WAN connections with the ability to deploy a client-side software agent.
  3. Get status reports and instant alerts on the current working state of ADAudit Plus to ensure round-the-clock availability.
  4. Copy alert profiles and scheduled report templates to quicken creating customized reports and alerts.


  1. Active Directory risk assessment reports have been added to Analytics.
  2. Track rename activity of user/computer/groups.
  3. Regex support has been provided for file exclude patterns.
  4. While creating email and SMS alert profiles, the mailing list can be set based on multiple variables (eg. caller username, SID, etc)..
  5. New CSRF tokens are implemented for every user session.
  6. A custom LDAP query can now be added to filter data in custom reports.


  1. The issue with downloading XLSX files from the scheduled reports' directory listing has been fixed
  2. All requests (including images, JS & CSS files) now pass through a security filter.
  3. The 'add objects' pop up in 'Alert Profiles' failed to list workstations, which has now been fixed.
  4. Ipv6 addresses can now be resolved to get machine names.
  5. Occurrences of missing printer audit data fields have been fixed.


  1. Due to an upgradation in the indexing methodology, the archive files currently indexed under 'Search Archived Events' link will be un-indexed automatically and they need to be indexed once again after applying the service pack.
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