Release Notes

The current release of ManageEngine ADAudit Plus 5.1 Build Number: 5120 includes new features, enhancements & fixes to the Build 5120.


  1. Now forward Azure AD audit data to your SIEM solution.
  2. Define alert thresholds based on multiple event fields.
  3. Suppress emailing of redundant alerts.
  4. You can now save a custom LDAP query while choosing users/computer/OU/group in the alert filter, eg., Alert logon attempts for disabled users.
  5. Event fields can now be included in SMS alerts.
  6. Support for any AD object changes in custom reports.
  7. Support for multiple business hour configurations.


  1. The unauthenticated proxy server for Azure AD issueis fixed.
  2. While scheduling reports, 'Don't send empty report' checkbox is now included so that empty zip files are not sent.
  3. While configuring email address for an alert, 'Add more recipient' can be configured directly without providing an email.
  4. In custom reports, the exception while adding GPO and group management reports is fixed.
  5. Auditing changes to Azure AD has been updated to the new event format.
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