ADAudit Plus Release Notes

Build 6050 (April 2020)


  • Azure AD password protection auditing — Track successful and failed password set and password change activities.


  • LDAP auditing now provides information on secure binds, unsecure binds, and binds which have been rejected because of errors.
  • Performance improvements have been made on the Analytics module to consume less system resources.
  • Shares configured for auditing will continue to get audited, even if their location is changed.
  • Search option has been added to help select reports, under Schedule Reports.
  • Multiple SMS recipients can be included in alert profiles.
  • Alert link URL for an alert profile can be customized.
  • The entire alert profile list as well as individual alert profiles can be exported.
  • Refresh and filter options have been added to Restore Archive Events.
  • Advanced GPO reports can be forwarded to any SIEM solution
  • Old and new values of OU-level and domain-level permission changes can be forwarded to ArcSight.


  • Analytics alerts will no longer get duplicated and will display the correct domain name.
  • Program, Program(x86), and SystemRoot files will get configured by default, in File Integrity Monitoring.
  • Special characters will get parsed in Synology NAS auditing.
  • Under Alert Profile and Custom Reports filters, users and groups can be selected without any issues.
  • Special characters can be used in passwords when migrating database to MSSQL server.
  • Agent will collect data from a server even when only one among Server name, Server IP, or Server DNS is correct.
  • Under Alert me, failure events can be configured for cloud directory events.
  • Under User Created and Computer Created reports, changes to all User-Account-Control attribute values will get displayed.
  • Add To Dashboard option will not be visible to technicians who do not have the privilege to view the Dashboard (Home).
  • Under Archive Events, there will be no discrepancy between archive category size and audit data size.
  • Changes to firewall GPO settings will be audited.
  • Changes to security options settings (local security policies), newly added in 2012 R2, will be audited.
  • Login failures will no longer occur in the domain where ADAudit Plus is installed, when user name is used in the UPN format under Domain settings.
  • Technicians will no longer face login issues, when the domain flat name of configured AD and Azure AD domains is the same.
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