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Enabling auditing

Follow the steps below to configure auditing in your target OceanStor V5 series vStores.

  1. To view the ACL values before and after permission change and owner change events, log on to the ADAudit Plus web console, go to Admin > Configuration > Alert/Report Settings, and enable Show detailed permission changes for NAS devices.
  2. Open OceanStor DeviceManager and enable auditing under Settings > Storage Settings > Directory Log Settings > File Directory Operation Log. Select the events you wish to audit.
  3. Set the audit log location and purge settings. Set the logs to purge after seven days.
  4. To filter out event noise and reduce the time it takes to generate logs, disable logon and logoff events in OceanStor V5 series by executing the commands below via SSH:
  5. (For vStores only) >

    CLI command admin:/>change vstore view name=vStore004

    CLI command admin:/>change service cifs logon_audit_disable=yes

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