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Prerequisites for NetApp cluster auditing

Keep the details below on hand before beginning your configuration of NetApp CMode/cluster/Vserver auditing in ADAudit Plus.

  • Target server name: The NetApp CIFS server name.
  • Target shares: The list of shares that you wish to audit.
  • Management IP: The management IP of the target cluster or the Vserver.
  • Username and password: The credentials required to connect to the management IP. This user can be the default admin, vsadmin, or any other user with the roles highlighted below:
  • Port number: The port that will be used for HTTP or HTTPS communication between the NetApp cluster and the ADAudit Plus server.
  • Log storage location: Either of the below locations for storing audit logs:
    • A new aggregate with 3GB of available space: ADAudit Plus will create a volume named cifs_audit_log, mount it in the /cifs_audit_log path, and use it for storing logs.
    • An existing junction or local path, such as /logs/fs1/, with a minimum of 3GB of available space.

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