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US: +1 888 720 9500
US: +1 888 791 1189
Intl: +1 925 924 9500
Aus: +1 800 631 268
UK: 0800 028 6590
CN: +86 400 660 8680

Direct Inward Dialing: +1 408 916 9892


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  • ADAudit Plus help document details the entire set of configurations related to ADAudit Plus.
  • ADAudit Plus architecture details how ADAudit Plus works.
  • Database migration guide covers the steps to:
    1. Move DB and/or data from PostgreSQL/MySQL to MS SQL.
    2. Move DB and/or data between two different versions of MS SQL.
    3. Move DB and/or data from MySQL/MS SQL to PostgreSQL.
    4. Move ADAudit Plus from one server/drive to another.
    5. Move ADAudit Plus from 32-bit to 64-bit architecture.
  • Agent installation guide covers the steps to install agents on target computers to enable agent based log collection.
  • SSL configuration guide covers the steps to enable SSL in ADAudit Plus to secure communication between the users’ web browsers and ADAudit Plus.
  • Event collection troubleshooting guide covers solutions to resolve the common issues faced during event collection in ADAudit Plus.
  • Security hardening guide details the recommended ways to configure ADAudit Plus to ensure that your data stays secure.
  • ADAudit Plus pricing covers information about pricing and editions available.

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