Windows member
server auditing

Monitor Windows servers with real-time reports and alerts to keep a close eye on activity across your Windows network. Use intuitive graphs and reports to find who did what, when, and where.

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Security monitoring for Windows servers is a must.

ADAudit Plus delivers comprehensive security and IT auditing for Microsoft environments.

  • Track user actions across critical business resources that hold sensitive information, including your file servers, file clusters, NAS devices, as well as shared files and folders.
  • Demonstrate compliance with PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, and other IT security standards that mandate a file integrity monitoring solution.
  • Track logon and logoff activity across your Windows network, and spot remote desktop connections during non-business hours.
  • Monitor changes to local administrative group memberships, local users, user rights, local policies, scheduled tasks, and processes on your member servers.
  • Receive reports on users who have viewed local administrator passwords or modified a password's expiration time.
  • Keep tabs on printer usage and track all files printed across your network. Monitor ADFS, AD LDS, and removable storage devices for potential threats.

Keep track of activities across your
Windows server network

  • File servers, file clusters, and NAS devices

    Monitor all activities across Windows file servers, file clusters, and NAS devices. This includes file read, write, and modify; create, delete, move, rename, as well as copy and paste; permission changes; and failed access attempts.

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  • Network shares

    Track recently added, deleted, modified, or accessed network shares; in-depth reports offer detailed information on the user accounts interacting with shares.

  • Removable storage devices

    Report on removable devices that have been plugged in to your Windows servers. Monitor files created, deleted, modified, copied, or pasted across removable storage devices.

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  • Local account management

    Since local accounts have elevated privileges, any unusual activity from these accounts should be investigated as an indicator of compromise. Monitor local users that have been created, deleted, or modified, as well as added or removed from groups. Track local administrator groups that have been created, deleted, or modified.

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  • Active Directory LAPS

    Monitor users who have viewed local administrator passwords and users who have modified a password's expiration date and time.

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  • Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)

    ADAudit Plus fetches all authentication attempts recorded by ADFS in the security event log and provides insightful reports on ADFS success and ADFS failure. View claims issued by ADFS and generate ADFS-specific audit reports. ADAudit Plus also helps you monitor extranet lockouts.

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  • Scheduled tasks and processes

    Track attempts to install a service. Audit scheduled tasks that have been created, deleted, modified, disabled, or enabled. Receive information on processes that have been created or removed from a server.

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  • User rights and local policies

    Report on assigned or removed user rights. Be informed of local policy modifications across your Windows server network.

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  • Print servers

    Track all files printed over your Windows network, and list details including the time, date, and name of the user who printed a file. Monitor printer usage, including the number of copies made, file size, printer name, and server details. Meet SOX and HIPAA compliance mandates with out-of-the-box reports.

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  • Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS)

    Objects (GPOs), and other AD objects across several AD LDS instances.

  • Local logons and logoffs

    Track all successful and failed logon attempts to Windows servers in your network. Monitor Remote Desktop activity to look out for potential threats.

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  • File integrity monitoring (FIM)

    Ensure file integrity across your servers with detailed reports on created, deleted, moved, renamed, or copied and pasted files; access permission changes; failed access attempts; and more.

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File servers, file clusters, and NAS devices

Monitor all activities across Windows file servers, file clusters, and NAS devices. This includes file read, write, and modify; create, delete, move, rename, as well as copy and paste; permission changes; and failed access attempts.

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  • Add-ons

    File Servers
    Track File Servers for document changes to files (file creation / modification / deletion) and folders audit-access, shares and permissions
    NAS Storage
    NetApp (or) EMC (or) Synology (or) Hitachi (or) Huawei (or) Amazon FSx for Windows file servers
    Windows Servers
    Audit Windows Server,
    • Local Logon/Logoff
    • File Integrity
    • Printer
    • ADFS
    • LAPS
    • ADLDS
    Audit Workstations,
    • Local Logon/Logoff
    • Employee work hours
    • Local Account Management
    • Startup/Shutdown
    • File Integrity
    • System events
    • Removable Storage Auditing(USB)
    Azure AD Tenants
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ManageEngine ADAudit Plus is a real-time change auditing and user behavior analytics solution that helps keep your Active Directory, Azure AD, member servers, and workstations secure and compliant.

With the tool, you can:

  • Audit changes:

    Receive real-time notifications about changes occurring across the Windows server environment.

  • Track user logons:

    Gain complete visibility into user logon activity, tracking everything from logon failures to logon history.

  • Troubleshoot account lockouts:

    Detect lockouts instantly with alerts, and analyze their root cause with in-depth reports.

  • Monitor privileged users:

    Get consolidated audit trails for administrators and other privileged user activities.

  • Protect sensitive data

    Track file accesses and permission changes in Windows, NetApp, EMC, Synology, Hitachi, Huawei, and Amazon FSx for Windows file servers.

  • Monitor file integrity:

    Detect new programs and modifications to executable files.


What our customers say

We evaluated different software; ADAudit Plus is extremely easy to deploy and a cost-effective solution that helped us pass several industry related security audits, in-depth PEN audit test and meet HIPAA security guidelines.

- Renee Davis

CIO, Life Management Centerl

I highly recommend ADAudit Plus. Now, I can easily monitor user logons, file deletions / modifications, changes in AD and export them as reports. The friendly UI and product support before and after-purchase are excellent.

- Huseyin Akbaba

Information Technologies, Rmk Marine

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