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Attacking AD by exploiting a DNS vulnerability



Product expert

July 31, 2024 2 PM AEST | 2PM GST | 3:30PM IST
July 31, 2024 2 PM EDT | 11 AM PDT

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Why attend this webinar?

Why watch this webinar?

No vulnerability is small. No network is safe. The security realm of an organization must be built with a strong base. Weeding out basic vulnerabilities can go a long way in building and maintaining a good security posture.

Basic Security Hygiene aims at getting to the bottom of cybersecurity practices.

DNS vulnerabilities, when left unattended can take down an entire AD environment, which is the heart and core of any organization. In this webinar, we will explore often overlooked vulnerabilities of DNS and how they can be exploited to steal user credentials in an AD environment.

What’s in store this webinar?

  • Understanding and performing recon on the target network using port scanning tools.
  • Identifying potential and critical targets to exploit.
  • Connecting the dots to complete the attack chain: Exploiting DNS.
  • Detecting such attacks using a holistic SIEM solution.

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