When enterprises think of threats, they usually think only about those that are external, and often aren't equipped to deal with ones that stem internally. If your enterprise uses Active Directory, then you would know the challenges of securing it. A single change made to a critical component such as a DC or GPO in Active Directory can jeopardize the security of your enterprise. The only way to stay on top of every critical event occurring in Active Directory is with a real time auditing and alerting tool such as ADAudit Plus.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Getting started with Active Directory auditing and an overview of ADAudit Plus
  • Auditing user logon activity and monitoring privileged user actions
  • Tracking critical events and changes made in Active Directory
  • Clear-cut use cases that make ADAudit Plus the perfect Active Directory auditing tool
  • Meeting regulatory mandates with the pre-packaged compliance reports of AD Audit Plus

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