Why attend

Organizations have to be keenly aware of the actions of their own employees, due to the advanced computer knowledge that most employees possess today. A disgruntled, bored, or challenged employee might try to find holes in the network security. This combination of knowledge and reason has led to many organizations losing critical data, experiencing prolonged downtime, and losing millions of dollars. Being able to track the different aspects of an insider attack can give administrators time to negate them. In this webinar, Derek Melber, Active Directory MVP, will discuss the various ways in which insiders attack Windows networks and how you can set up tracking to discover malicious behavior before it is too late.


In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • How to reduce and eliminate attacks against Microsoft authentication protocols
  • What it takes to reduce the attacks against password hashes and tickets
  • What to monitor on user workstations
  • How to reduce and monitor privilege escalation attacks