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User behavior analytics (UBA), a smart cybersecurity investment for 2023

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In 2022, the number of attacks has increased exponentially. Nowadays, attackers are more prudent about security solutions and are constantly devising plans to evade the defenses of these tools. Since attackers can fool rule-based security solutions and algorithms, it's essential for organizations to turn to technologies that supersede traditional security mechanisms.

User behavior analytics (UBA) can help organizations monitor activities beyond rules. Understanding the behavior of users in a network can help determine if there's an invasion in your network. Join this webinar to listen to our cybersecurity specialist enunciate why UBA is crucial for every organization going forward.


  • What is user behavior analytics (UBA)?
  • 2022 attack trends and why UBA is crucial for 2023.
  • Real-life use cases of UBA.
  • How does a security solution incorporate UBA?
  • How to assess risks using UBA.
  • Why and how UBA can be a great cybersecurity investment for 2023.

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