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Tracking and securing privileged access
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The concept of continuous auditing has always been a dream for administrators across the globe, especially when it comes to Active Directory. The traditional audit techniques fail to remove the time gap between when an activity was performed, and the administrators getting to know when it happened. In many instances, the impact of this delay makes the information contained in the report less useful or beneficial, leaving the administrators to be just reactive rather than being proactive.

Real-time alerting can completely alter administrators approach and supplements a workable blueprint on how to monitor Active Directory. Real-time alerting provides insights into any modifications in Active Directory (from users to groups to even deep information on Group Policy)

This webinar would provide a systematic yet easy approach on how one could monitor Active Directory in real time through ADAudit Plus, followed by the best practices to set up real-time alerts for the following,

  • User logon-logoff
  • Account Lockout analyzing functionality
  • Privileged group & user auditing
  • Advanced GPO changes
  • Permission changes
  • DNS changes & more

All this within 30 mins sounds unbelievable right? Join in

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