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Exclude configuration

Files/folders can be excluded based on File/folder local path, file type, process name, and user name by using the Exclude Configuration setting.

Log in to ADAudit Plus' web console → Go to the File Audit tab, navigate to the left pane, click on Configuration and then on Exclude Configuration → Choose to exclude by File/Folder local path, File Type, Process Name, or Users → Click on '+', and configure the necessary settings.

Configure event log settings

Example scenarios, to exclude by File/Folder local path:

Objective To exclude a folder and all of its subfolders and files
Share configured
Share path Local path
\\SERVER_NAME\share_name C:\sharefolder
Path of folder that is to be excluded C:\sharefolder\excludefolder
File/Folder or Regex Patterns File/Folder Patterns
  • C:\sharefolder\excludefolder 
  • C:\sharefolder\excludefolder\*
What will get excluded
  • C:\sharefolder\excludefolder
  • C:\sharefolder\excludefolder\folder
  • C:\sharefolder\excludefolder\files.txt
  • C:\sharefolder\excludefolder\folder\files.txt
What won''t get excluded  
Objective To exclude "AppData" folder for every user profile
Share and folder path  \\SERVER_NAME\Users C:\Users
Path of folder that is to be excluded  C:\Users\user1\AppData
File/Folder or Regex Patterns Regex Patterns
Syntax C:\\Users\\[^\\]*\\AppData
What will get excluded
  • C:\Users\user1\AppData
  • C:\Users\user2\AppData
  • C:\Users\user1\AppData\subfolder
  • C:\Users\user2\AppData\subfolder
What won''t get excluded
  • C:\Users\user1\subfolder\AppData
  • C:\Users\user2\subfolder\AppData
Objective To exclude files from a specific folder but audit all subfolders and its contents
Share and folder path  \\SERVER_NAME\share_name C:\sharefolder
Path of folder that is to be excluded  C:\sharefolder\excludefolder
File/Folder or Regex Patterns Regex Patterns
Syntax ^C:\\sharefolder\\excludefolder\\[^\\]*\.[^\\]*$
What will get excluded
  • C:\sharefolder\excludefolder\file.txt
  • C:\sharefolder\excludefolder\folder.withDot
What won''t get excluded
  • C:\sharefolder\excludefolder
  • C:\sharefolder\excludefolder\folderWithoutDot
  • C:\sharefolder\excludefolder\folderWithoutDot\subfolder
  • C:\sharefolder\excludefolder\folderWithoutDot\testfile.txt
  • C:\sharefolder\excludefolder\folder.withDot\subfolder
  • C:\sharefolder\excludefolder\folder.withDot\testfile.txt

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