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ADAudit Plus Workshop Series 2020

Security auditing for hybrid Active Directory from a single console

  • Date
    Oct 20, 21, 22 and 27
  • Time
    10 AM GST| 11:30 AM IST | 2 PM SGT
Presented by
  • Abi,

    Product expert

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About the Workshop

ManageEngine ADSolutions presents this series of free online workshops to help you master the various tricks and tactics of efficient AD auditing using ADAudit Plus.


To attend these workshops, you will need:

• A working internet connection and a web browser.

• A valid Zoom link to connect to the workshop (emailed to you upon registration).

Highlights and Benefits of this Training

  • Learn from the comfort of your workplace.

  • Get expert tips to resolve day-to-day IT problems. Explained with detailed walk-throughs.

  • Get instant assistance from product experts via live chat.

  • Take up our ManageEngine Certified Product Associate (MECPA) certification test at zero cost by attending all sessions in a series.


  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Day 3
  • Day 4

Simplifying hybrid Active Directory (AD), understanding the key components, setting up ADAudit Plus for continuous change monitoring

  • Understanding hybrid AD, observing the security challenges of a hybrid AD infrastructure.
  • Setting up the prerequisites for security auditing: Configuring audit policies in AD and Azure AD.
  • Examining the efficacy of native auditing tools and their limitations.
  • Introduction to ADAudit Plus and understanding the scope.
  • Advantages of ADAudit Plus over native auditing tools.
  • Getting started, configuring ADAudit Plus for continuous change monitoring in AD and Azure AD.

Securing on-premise: Strengthening the security posture of on-premises AD

  • Observing security challenges faced by admins and helpdesks in on-premises AD deployments.
  • Examining the auditing and reporting capabilites of native auditing tools like PowerShell and Windows Event viewer.
  • Leveraging ADAudit Plus to generate real-time security audit reports such as:
    • Tracking privileged group memberships and administrative user actions
    • Tracking user logon and logoff patterns.
    • Permission changes on security objects .
    • Privilege escalation attempts, Group Policy modifications, and more.
  • Customizing reports, setting up alerts, and automating responses for immediate resolution.

Securing data storage and cloud deployments: Azure AD and file servers

  • Leveraging ADAudit Plus to monitor changes across Azure AD deployments alongside on-premises AD and correlate activities.
  • Tracking changes to your sensitive data across storage devices:
    • Windows file servers and clusters
    • NAS (EMC Server and NetApp Filer)
  • Configuring File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) to detect unwarranted changes across OS root folders, application software files and other critical files.
  • Coupling the auditing results with instant alerts to capture malicious activity.

Advanced features of ADAudit Plus for enchanced network security

  • Setting up advanced auditing across all your endpoints like workstations, member servers, workgroup machines, and ADFS and ADLDS deployments to detect intrusions and malicious activity.
  • Leveraging a user-behaviour based security system powered with ML and discover abnormal incidents and activities.
  • Delegating monitoring tasks across AD and Azure AD to authorized users and reduce admin workload.
  • Complying with GDPR,SOX,HIPAA and other regulations by leveraging tailor made compliance reports.
  • Forwarding logs real-time to popular SIEM tools for detailed analysis.
  • Fine-tuning ADAudit Plus further to meet your organization specific needs.

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