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Generate AuthToken API

To access ADManager Plus APIs from your application or service, you will need an authentication token from ADManager Plus, which can be obtained using the Generate AuthToken API.

Request URL (JSON) format: http://<hostname>:<port>/RestAPI/APIAuthToken

Request parameters:

Parameter Name Mandatory Description
loginName Yes
password Yes  
domainName Yes  
AuthToken Optional If included in the request, the given AuthToken will be invalidated


The response will be a key/value pair in JSON format. The response string will include the following key.

Parameter Name Description
LoginStatusMessage Status message for the request sent.
AuthTicket Authentication token to be used while using the other REST API's
ValidDate Expiry time of the AuthTicket in Java milliseconds format. That is, number of milliseconds since January 1, 1970, 00:00:00 GMT.
domainNameList Details about the domains in which the technician can perform the Active Directory management actions.

Sample Input/Output:


http://Byron:8080/RestAPI/APIAuthToken?loginName=admin&password=admin&domainName=ADManager Plus Authentication


{"AuthTicket":"6cd3830f-835f-4e7a-b6d1-7a87caffa4be","LoginName":"admin","LoginId":"1","L oginStatus":"true","ValidDate":"1506865249923","LoginStatusMessage":"Success"}


  • The default admin account will not be considered as a help desk technician.
  • Ensure that you URL encode all the special and reserved characters used in REST API requests. Since the client sending the request (browser, postman or TP tools) does not fall under ADManager Plus, encoding the URL for special, reserved and unsafe characters is solely the users' responsibility.

    Reserved characters include ; / ? : @ = &
    Unsafe characters include < > # % { } | \ ^ ~ [ ] ` "'

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