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ADManager Plus REST APIs

ADManager Plus offers REST Application Programming Interfaces (API) to enable integration of its Active Directory management functions such as creating user accounts in Active Directory (AD) and resetting passwords, with other applications like help desk tools. These APIs allow you to access ADManager Plus from other applications and perform the necessary AD user account management functions. Mentioned below is the list of ADManager Plus APIs and their corresponding functions:

API Function
Generate AuthToken Generate the authentication token which is required for using ADManager Plus APIs.
Create OU To create an OU in AD
Create user To create a user account in AD
Reset user password Reset the password of a user account
Enable user Enable any disabled account in your AD
Disable user Disable the necessary AD users
Unlock user Unlock the locked out user accounts
Delete user Delete any user account in AD
Search user Locate the desired user account in AD
Modify User Attributes To modify a user account in AD
Add Users To Group To add user account(s) to Active Directory group(s)
Remove users from group To remove user account(s) from Active Directory group(s)
Workflow request API To raise workflow requests for various operations

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