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How to move Active Directory users from one OU to another OU

This article describes how to bulk move Active Directory users from one Organizational Unit to another using ADManager Plus.

Moving a User Account

A real-time scenario in moving a user account from one OU to another could occur,

  • When a user gets transferred from one department to another in an organization.
  • When a user's account becomes inactive.
  • When a user's account has been disabled

Ways of moving a user account using ADManager Plus

You can move Active Directory users from one OU to another with ADManager Plus by the following methods,

  • Importing the list of users to be moved from a CSV file.
  • Search the list of users individually and move them to the desired OU.
  • Move users from the generated reports page of ADManager Plus. i.e., generate a inactive user or disabled users report and move them to the appropriate container.

An illustration of moving Active Directory users from one OU to another:

  • Step 1. Select the Domain and OU to which the users have to be moved

  • FIGURE 1:
    Select the Domain and OU
    See full-sized image

  • Step 2. Import the list of users to be moved from CSV file.

    FIGURE 2: Import CSV File
    Import CSV File
    See full-sized image


    You can also Search specific objects name with the search text box

    FIGURE 3: Finding Specific Objects
    Search Active Directory User
    See full-sized image


    Generate Inactive report, In More Action Select Move Users in the drop-down list, and then click Go

    FIGURE 4: List of Inactive User
    Move Inactive User
    See full-sized image

  • Step 3. In the Users list , select the users and click Apply to move users

    FIGURE 4: List of Objects
    Move User Summary View
    See full-sized image

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