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Managing the user accounts Active Directory is an open challenge that every IT administrator face in day-to-day activities. Manually configuring the user properties is extremely time consuming, tiresome, and error prone, particularly in a large, complex windows network. Moreover, it requires an in-depth knowledge about the Active Directory to accomplish these tasks.

ADManager Plus enables you to create multiple user accounts in the Active Directory simultaneously. It allows you to create multiple templates that contain the standard user attribute values, which can be used in creating bulk users. You can import the user attributes from a csv file while creating user accounts, which dramatically reduces your time.

Bulk User Creation Flow

Active Directory Bulk User Creation Process

ADManager Plus even allows mass modification of user attributes, including the Exchange and Terminal Services attributes. Common modifications, such as resetting password, changing the display name, creating Exchange mailbox, moving users between OUs, and so on can be done quickly and consistently.

Bulk User Creation
  • Create users by specifying all the attributes including Exchange and Terminal Service attributes.
  • Add users by copying properties of another user.
  • Import user properties from a csv file, the only mandatory property being the User's name (givenName).
  • Create and use templates with common user attributes
  • Create users in an existing container or create a new OU and add users to it.
  Bulk User Creation
Bulk User Modification



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