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Effortless backup

Create full backups of AD objects like users, computers, contacts, groups, OUs, GPOs, and dynamic distribution groups.

Schedule incremental backup of objects; back up changes made to AD objects after the last full backup.

Specify the number of full backups and corresponding incremental backups to avoid unnecessary use of storage space.

Restart-free recovery

Restore AD objects granularly with the flexibility to restore only specific attributes.

Restore deleted OUs and all the objects and attributes that belong to that OU in a single click.

Restore deleted GPOs instantly along with all associated GPO links.

Insider threat: The human element of cybersecurity risks

  1. What type of insider threats are organizations most concerned about?
  2. What type of insiders pose the biggest security risk to organizations?
  3. What type of data is most vulnerable to insider attacks

Key benefits

  • Reduce downtime in your organization Having a strong backup and recovery strategy can salvage data in the event of a cyberattack, like ransomware.
  • Delegate backup and recovery tasks to the help desk Assigning tasks to the help desk enables IT administrators to spend more time on other tasks.
  • Address all your AD management needs from one console Native tools do not address all IT management needs. With ADManager Plus, IT admins and the help desk can create, manage, delete, and maintain backups, and restore AD objects all from a single console.

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