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ADManager Plus now integrates with BambooHR

Keep HRMS employee data in sync with Active Directory

When it comes to employee onboarding and exiting, IT security teams rely on the human resources (HR) department to share the most recent employee information. For new hires, details about their roles within the organization, and resources they should have access to should be shared to the IT teams to facilitate a smooth onboarding. In many organizations, a human resource management system (HRMS), also called a human resource information system (HRIS), stores employee data, including names and Social Security numbers, that the human resources department needs to conduct its core HR processes, such as payroll and benefits administration. An HRMS might also provide other HR functions, such as some training and development, and applicant tracking services.

Strengthening the HR-IT collaboration

Quite often, when the IT management tasks are performed manually, they become misaligned. A better way to accomplish this is to feed the information on new hires and employee exits directly into the Active Directory (AD) from the HRMS. This will help maintain security around the accounts and keep data secure and consistent.
The ManageEngine ADManager Plus integration with BambooHR will automatically extract the data from the HRMS, and process it intelligently by populating relevant details of the employees, and creating accounts in AD and other business applications. Similarly, when employees change teams, or leave the organization, the changes will be automatically processed without the need for HR to notify the IT department.


How does the ADManager Plus – BambooHR integration work?

How does the ADManager Plus – BambooHR integration work

Benefits of ADManager Plus - BambooHR integration

Eliminate time-consuming onboarding operations

Whenever HR department personnel enter new employee details in the HRMS, this information is acquired and accounts are created in AD, Microsoft 365/Office 365, Exchange, Skype for Business, and Google Workspace automatically

Avoid security loopholes associated with ex-employees’ accounts

Unless the HR department or the team manager communicates to the IT department about an employee’s exit, the accounts lie dormant with all its privileges intact. With this integration, the deprovisioning activity can be addressed without delay.

Error-free provisioning with role-based templates

The privileges based on the users’ designation or role can be defined in templates, which can be invoked in every instance of user provisioning or modification.

Send real-time alerts to managers and IT admins

With every user account being created, modified, or deleted, you can configure real-time SMS and email notifications to be sent to the relevant team members. You can also obtain insights into accounts created, modified, and deleted with the help of ADManager Plus' prepackaged reports.

Synchronize updates in the HR system with AD

Partnering the HRMS with IT can reduce help desk requests pertaining to changes based on employees’ designation, role, or location.

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