Addresses user provisioning challenges across various platforms.

When new users join an organization, provisioning accounts for them across various platforms, with native Microsoft tools, can be a hard nut to crack. However, ADManager Plus simplifies the entire user provisioning process by eliminating the need to toggle across multiple servers and the need to use complex scripts. It empowers you to create multiple user accounts across platforms such as Active Directory (AD), Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Skype for Business server, and Google Workspace, from a single console. You can also use builtin templates to fill the attributes of objects automatically, avoid duplication, and more. Furthermore, you can perform other management operations like password resets, account unlocks, enable or disable users, and more, for multiple objects, at once.


Simplifies management of file server permissions like NTFS and Share permissions of folders.

Careless handling of NTFS permissions can land any organization in hot water. Even so, many technicians take the easy route of granting full control to most users, as granular configuration of permissions using the native tools is cumbersome. However, with ADManager Plus, you can assign NTFS and Share permissions granularly for multiple folders to multiple users at once. You can also review a summary of who has what kind of access, and to which folders before you decide on assigning fresh permissions to users.

Helps understand the security situation of your organization with essential reports on user logon, account and password status, and more.

A best practice for security management is to keep track of the account logon status, password status, group memberships of privileged accounts, file server permissions, and more. Accessing such crucial information using the native tools is complicated as the process involves the usage of PowerShell scripts. On the other hand, ADManager Plus allows you to generate over 200 such essential reports in just a few clicks! What's more? You can also perform management operations from these reports!


Aids in enforcing a workflow to streamline the execution of management tasks.

Security mishaps happen due to the lack of proper monitoring of the 'How', 'Who' and 'What'. Most organizations lack the infrastructure to monitor who has changed what, with whose approval, and how. However, ADManager Plus helps you streamline important identity and access management routines. It empowers you to create an approval-based, multi-tier workflow, for every category of request that is raised. A task will only be executed, if it is approved by all the stakeholders of the workflow. This helps you ensure that the right activities are performed on the right objects.

Assists in automating crucial routines like stale account cleanup, bulk user provisioning, and more.

A major drawback of the native AD tools is the associated complexity of automating tasks that are critical for the security of an organization. However, ADManager Plus allows you to automate most of your tasks including bulk user provisioning, stale account cleanup, group membership management and more. You can also create custom automation policies for your organization, and schedule a sequence of tasks to be automated right after one another!


Helps perform full or incremental backups, and granular recovery of Active Directory objects.

Accidental modifications or deletions can be a huge blow to your business transactions and operations if you do not have a proper backup-and-recovery infrastructure in place. Unfortunately, you cannot use the native tools to perform incremental backups or granular recovery of objects. On the other hand, ADManager Plus empowers you to incrementally backup your AD objects such as users, groups, OUs, and more, without directly accessing your domain controllers (DCs). Moreoever, you can compare different backup versions to view what has changed, and undo even the smallest of accidental changes. Apart from object-level restoration, you can also perform attribute-level restoration of AD objects, without restarting your DCs. It's also possible for you to back up and restore your domain's DNS zones and nodes using ADManager Plus.

ADManager Plus is a one-stop Active Directory (AD), Office 365, and Exchange management solution for comprehensive identity and access management.

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