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ManageEngine ADManager Plus Vs Lepide

ManageEngine ADManager Plus is an integrated web-based solution to manage and report on Active Directory, Exchange Server, Office 365, Google Apps, and Skype for Business (Lync). Active Directory tasks are carried out with the support of pre-defined management actions. The OU/role/group based help desk delegation reduces administrator's workload , business workflow defines the execution of management tasks and the controlled automation module enables pre-built account management. The ADManager Plus app for iOS and Android devices enables AD Management and reporting on the go.


ADManager Plus:
  • Web-based console for Active Directory (AD), MS Exchange (2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016),Office 365, Skype for Business (Lync), and G Suite management and reporting. iOS and Android apps for 'on-the-move' AD user and computer management and reporting.
  • Bulk management of AD users, computers, OUs, groups, and contacts via CSV import.
  • Customizable templates to streamline creation and modification of AD objects; also includes rule-based methods to auto-populate attributes if certain conditions are met.
  • 150+ pre-packaged reports on AD objects like users, groups, computers, contacts, GPOs, OUs; NTFS reports, security reports, Exchange Distribution Lists; compliance-specific reports; and many more. The reports can be exported in any of the these formats, PDF, CSV, CSVDE, HTML and XLSX.
  • Office 365 license management (assign, revoke, replace) and user provisioning features; prepackaged reports on Office 365 users, licenses, and groups.
  • Management from reports allows execution of management actions (reset password, enable, disable, move, delete accounts) right from the reports.
  • Report scheduler to auto-generate and email specific reports to multiple users. Help desk technician or administrator can share the scheduled reports and automation conceived by them with any help-desk technician. By doing so, the technicians with whom the scheduled reports/automation are shared will be able to view their details and also execute them.
  • Automation of AD tasks and critical routines/processes such as create users, AD cleanup, etc.
  • Secure delegation of role/OU/group-based AD tasks to help desk technicians as well as business users like HR personnel; role-based pro?les, and audit reports to track the actions of help desk technicians. The audit reports can be archived by configuring the archive interval, the retention period and location of the archives.
  • Customizable multi-level workflow (request, review, approve, execute) to streamline and control the execution of AD tasks; configurable assignment and notification rules to auto-assign tasks and update task status to stakeholders.
  • File server management capability to allow administrators to manage (assign, modify, revoke) users' NTFS and share permissions in bulk; also offers reports on NTFS & Share permissions to view the complete list of permissions assigned to desired users or groups.
  • Exchange mailbox management capabilities including migrating mailboxes, auto reply, setting mailbox rights, and more; remote, shared, room, and equipment mailbox management.
  • Dashboard for a quick snapshot about AD, with drill down option to view detailed reports such as vital help desk reports, user reports, system reports, etc.
  • Employee search and directory search allows users in an organization to search for employees' information without logging into ADManager Plus. Search results can be customized to display only specific details.
  • Change auditing is the primary function of LepideAuditor. It offers Who, When, Where, and What details of every change in an easy-to-understand format
  • Live tracking in the 360 dashboard shows all the changes being performed in all platforms along with the critical information pertaining to the performance of specified servers to identify performance issues.
  • 300 pre-set reports on auditing, security and system management which can be scheduled to be emailed, these reports can be exported in PDF, CSV and MHT formats. An additional feature of Search is available for these reports and these searches can be saved to the console for quick access.
  • Active directory compliance reports to address PCI, SOX, GLBA, HIPAA requirements.
  • Real-time alerts can be set based on a single or multiple event triggers which can be followed by a customized script being run to perform certain actions based on the event.
  • Health monitoring of Active Directory, Exchange Server, and SQL Server is done by LepideAuditor . Any suspicious change in the server availability, resource consumption, or system services status is instantly notified to the recipients
  • Roll back of Active Directory and Group policy changes such as group memberships, attributes, permissions, etc,.
  • Lepide Active Directory Self Service is a simple web based solution to allow IT teams to delegate tasks such as password reset and account unlock.
  • LepideAuditor for SQL Server provides a simple means of seeing who, what, where and when changes are made to the SQL servers and automatically sends real time alerts and detailed reports when needed.
  • LepideAuditor for Exchange provides a simple, cost effective way of seeing who, what, where and when changes are made to the Exchange environment with real time alerts when changes occur and provides reports.
  • Auditing of Office 365 (Exchange Online) environment such as permissions, mailboxes and policies supported with drill down reports.
  • File Server Auditing is specifically designed to work on Windows File Server and Netapp filers to identify who, what, where and when files and folders are created, accessed and modified.
  • LepideAuditor for SharePoint supports SharePoint Server 2010 and SharePoint Server 2013 for monitoring security, configuration and data level changes across the SharePoint environment.
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android enabled devices which can track all the updates with the LiveFeed feature.

Can the solution be considered value for money?

Component-based pricing model
The Standard edition starts at $ 595


The pricing of ADManager Plus is based on the number of domains and the help desk technicians. For 1 domain and 2 help desk technicians, the price starts at US$ 595. The Lepide software is priced at US$ 499. ADManager Plus is primarily concerned with the management of Active Directory environment and supports integrations with various platforms to reduce redundancy of the administrator's tasks. However Lepide is predominantly a compliance and auditing tool for the IT infrastructure.


What customers say about us

  • CAMH will be able to save close to $26,000 a year on service desk calls related to Active Directory password resets and locked accounts, and will see a return on investment within the first six months of product implementation.

    Judy OlivierProject Manager, CAMH

About ManageEngine ADManager Plus

ManageEngine ADManager Plus is a web-based Windows AD management and reporting solution that helps AD administrators and help desk technicians accomplish their day-to-day activities. With an intuitive,easy-to-use interface, ADManager Plus handles a variety of complex tasks and generates an exhaustive list of AD reports, some of which are essential requirements to satisfy compliance audits. It also helps administrators manage and report on their Exchange Server, Office 365, and Google Apps environments, in addition to AD, all from a single console.

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    Active Directory Backup and Recovery
    Back up and restore AD objects like users, computers, contacts, groups, OUs, GPOs, and dynamic distribution groups.Licenses are based on the number of users only. No restrictions on other AD objects such as groups, contacts, etc.
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