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Customizable dashboard

The ADManager Plus dashboard gets a makeover with a flat and intuitive UI. It also offers the following customizations :

  • Add widgets to group together the necessary reports based on the needs of the organization.
  • View OU specific data in the dashboard.
  • Have reports of each domain in a separate tab.
  • Add the most frequently used management actions and reports as the quick links section.

You can also view the summary of status of all workflow requests in the dashboard.

Benefits of the new dashboard:

Need-based reports for making data-driven decisions.

Get a customized view of each AD domain in separate tabs. This allows you to obtain essential information about your entire AD environment for intelligent decision-making.

Security information at your fingertips to avoid potential threats.

Group together security-related reports (e.g. inactive users, bad logon attempts) in new widgets to view critical security information in a single glance. Perform the required operations right from reports using built-in management actions.

Real-time information on AD tickets.

Get a summary of reviewed, approved, and executed AD requests. Access workflow tickets from the dashboard and view the details of the tickets and perform the required action.

Faster access to frequently used AD management and reporting features.

Add all the AD operations that you perform on a day-to-day basis to the quick links section of the dashboard.

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