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Why does a risk assessment matter?

Consult an IAM expert and establish a healthy, secure hybrid AD environment

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What insights does this assessment provide?

does this

  • Risk identification

    ADManager Plus, an IGA solution with AD management and reporting capabilities, will be deployed to identify and assess the security risks in your hybrid AD network.

  • Risk assessment report

    A comprehensive risk assessment report will be provided based on the analysis.

  • Expert insights

    Our experts will then help you interpret the report, inform you about your AD and Microsoft 365 hygiene and security status, and walk you through how ADManager Plus can help bolster them.

This assessment is not limited to a hybrid environment. Whether your organization utilizes AD, Microsoft 365, or a combination of both, this assessment helps you evaluate your security posture and mitigate issues.

of ADManager Plus' AD risk assessment

  • Increased visibility

    Gain insights into your overall hybrid AD health and security status and understand where you stand.

  • In-depth analysis

    Identify the loopholes and vulnerabilities that are affecting your hybrid AD health and security.

  • Risk mitigation strategies

    Learn how to effectively deal with the identified risks and level up your security game.

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