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AD, Exchange, & Microsoft 365 administration made easy.

Presenter Michelle Product expert
  •   Date and Time Dec 12, 13, 14 and 15 at
    12:30 PM IST
  •   Duration 1 Hour

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About the workshop

We're happy to present this free series of online workshops to help you master Active Directory (AD), Exchange, and Microsoft 365 administration using ADManager Plus.



To attend the workshop, you need to

  •   A working internet connection
    and a web browser.
  •   A valid Zoom link to connect to the workshop
    (emailed to you upon registration).

Highlights and Benefits

  • Learn from the comfort of your workplace.
  • Get expert tips to resolve day-to-day IT problems. Explained with detailed walk-throughs.
  • Get instant assistance from product experts via live chat.
  • Take up our ManageEngine Certified Product Associate (MECPA) certification test at zero cost by attending all sessions in a series.

Workshop agenda

  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Day 3
  • Day 4
Identity management across AD, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace platforms
  • 360-degree user provisioning across AD, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace applications using smart templates.
  • Bulk object provisioning and deprovisioning using CSV files.
  • Preventing duplication and avoiding conflicts during migration using naming formats.
  • Preventing duplication using custom naming formats during user onboarding.
  • Managing file server and share permissions, and restricting user access.
  • Backing up and recovering entities across AD, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace platforms, including incremental backups and granular restoration.
Automated and orchestrated user onboarding and offboarding
  • Automating user provisioning, modification, and deprovisioning with automation policies.
  • Onboarding and offboarding users across enterprise applications using webhooks and orchestration templates.
  • Defining a sequence of tasks using logic and decision blocks with just drag-and-drop actions in orchestration templates.
  • Integrating with various HCM applications, like Zoho People and BambooHR, and automating user management.
  • Updating users' records automatically from any HCM solution using APIs.
Workflow-controlled user access certification and delegation of tasks
  • Reviewing and validating users' access rights using automated certification campaigns.
  • Creating rules to dynamically assign certifiers for access certification campaigns.
  • Granular delegation of tasks to help desk technicians without affecting their permissions in AD, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace.
  • Delegation of custom roles based on OUs and groups.
  • Auditing technicians' activity and detecting anomalies using audit and anomaly reports, respectively.
  • Secure execution of delegated tasks with multi-level workflows consisting of requesters, reviewers, approvers, and executors.
  • Improving resolution time with different levels of escalations using workflow SLAs.
Script-free reporting, AD risk assessment, and adherance to compliance mandates
  • Comprehensive reporting on AD, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace objects.
  • Understanding the risk posture of AD based on risk score, and identifying and mitigating risk indicators in AD.
  • Managing objects from reports using on-the-fly management options.
  • Scheduling reports to run at a specified time and exporting them in desired formats.
  • Customizing reports as per an organization's needs using advanced filters.
  • Maintaining audit trails and meeting audit requirements using compliance-specific reports.

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