AD Search Settings

    AD Search is located in the login page of ADManager Plus. This is an "Employee Search" or "People Finder" option to search for users, or information about users in your Active Directory. You don't have to be logged in to use this AD Search.

    You can customize this search to:

    1. Limit the scope of this search to any specific domain.
    2. Specify the user attributes and information that should be displayed in the search result.

    Moreover, this search option can also be hidden if you do not want to provide this option to your users.

    Steps to configure AD Search settings

    1. Navigate to Admin > Employee Preferences > Configure AD search.
    2. Select the Show Employee Search in Login page option located at the top of the page. If this option is unchecked or not selected, this search option will not be available on the login page.
    3. Select the required domain from the list in the Select Domain option. This search will be performed only for the domain that is selected.
    4. From the Available Columns under Display columns, select the user attributes that should be displayed in the search result.
    5. From the Available Columns under Search criteria, choose the user attributes for the search results you want to display. For example, you can choose to search only by employee ID and last name.
    6. Complete the AD Search configuration using Save Settings.
    • AD Search is located in the login page.
    • Users don't have to be logged-in to use this search.
    • This is not a multi-domain search.

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