Personalize Settings

    ADManager Plus provides users with the functionality to configure user accounts based on personal priorities and requirements. The Personalize option enables you to change an existing password and also select the preferred date and time settings.

    The personalize options can be found by clicking the 'My Account' link located at the top right corner of ADManager Plus client window.

    To change the admin password

    • Enter the existing password in the Old Password field.
    • Enter the new password in the New Password field.
    • Enter the new password again for confirmation in the Confirm Password field.
    • Enable the Show forget password link for ADManager Plus Admin Login checkbox to have a Forgot Password Link on the Login Page. Else leave it unchecked.
    • Click the Save Changes button.

    The new password get updated. Subsequently, you have to use the new password to login to the client.

    Selecting the Date and Time zone/Language settings

    • Click the '+' located beside the Date/Time Zone & Language Settings section.
    • In Select Time Zone, pick the relevant time zone from the list.
    • Pick your desired date/time format by clicking the more formats link.
    • In select language, choose the desired language from the options listed and hit save changes to save the options that you have selected. Default setting use locale of the computer in which ADManager Plus Installed

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