General Settings

    Enable CAPTCHA in ADManager Plus login screen

    You can prompt the user to enter the required CAPTCHA code in the login screen of ADManager Plus  to prevent bot-based attacks.


    1. Logon to ADManager Plus and click on the Delegation tab.
    2. Under the Configuration section of the left navigation pane, click on Logon Settings.
    3. Click on the General tab.
    4. Select the Enable CAPTCHA in login page option.
    5. Select one of the following options:
      • Always show CAPTCHA
        Use this option to enable the CAPTCHA to be displayed for every ADManager Plus logon attempt.
      • Show CAPTCHA for invalid logon attempts
        If you select this option, the user will be prompted to specify the  CAPTCHA after failed logons. You can further specify:
        • The number of invalid logon attempts after which the user must be prompted to enter the CAPTCHA.
        • The time limit after which the invalid logon attempts limit must be reset.
    6. You can also enable audio CAPTCHA by selecting the required option.

      In case you have enabled audio CAPTCHA, only digits will be displayed in the  CAPTCHA. Additionally, if a specific browser does not support audio CAPTCHA,  then the usual CAPTCHA, a combination of alphabets and digits, will be  displayed.

    7. Click Save Settings.

    Block Users settings

    This feature allows you to prevent users or technicians from logging in to ADManager Plus, temporarily, after the specified number of failed logons within a certain period.

    Steps to block users

    1. Login to ADManager Plus. Click the Delegation tab.
    2. Under Configuration, click Logon Settings.
    3. Click the General tab.
    4. In Block User Settings, select the Block user after invalid login attempts option.
    5. In Invalid attempts limit, enter the maximum number of consecutive bad logons that you wish to permit. Enter the period within which the specified number of bad login attempts must happen in within field.
    6. Specify the time for which the user account must remain blocked in Block user for field.
      Note: Please refer to the table below to know the cases in which the Domain's account lockout policy will apply instead of the settings configured in the Block Users settings.
    7. Click Save Settings.

    Scenarios in which the Domain account lockout policy will override the Block Users settings.

    Block Users Settings Condition Domain Account Lockout Policy Which would be applied
    No. of Invalid attempts greater than Account Lockout Threshold Domain policy
    Within field's value greater than Reset account lock out counter Domain policy
    Block duration lesser than Account lockout duration Domain policy