Allow/restrict IP Addresses

    This option acts as an additional security measure by allowing communication from only known or authorized sources, or blocking requests from unauthorized or unknown ones.

    Specify IP addresses or a range of IP addresses from which communication or requests to ADManager Plus should be allowed or blocked. You can also permit access to APIs/specific product URLs from only the desired IP addresses or a range of IP addresses, if needed.


    1. Login to ADManager Plus.
    2. In Delegation tab, go to Configuration → Logon Settings.
    3. In the Logon Settings pane, click the Allow/Restrict IPs tab.
    4. Select the Enable Allow/Restrict IPs option.
    5. Select Allowed IPs or Restricted IPs option based on whether you wish to allow or block specific IPs.
      Note: You can use the either Allow or Restrict option but not both at the same time.
      • To specify an IP range, enter the start and end IP addresses of the range in the Allow IP Range field. To add another range, click the + icon and specify the IP address range.
      • To specify individual IP addresses, click the Add Individual IPs option and enter the desired IP address. You can also specify multiple IP addresses; just separate the addresses by commas.
    6. To allow access to APIs or specific URLs of the product from sources, select the Enable API/URL Access for specific IPs option.
      • Enter the desired API/product URLs. While specifying multiple URLs, separate them by commas.

        API/Product URL format:

        • Use * as a wildcard character to allow or restrict access to a broader range of APIs or URLs. For example, use /RestAPI/WC/* to restrict all API calls that start with /RestAPI/WC/.
        • The API or product URL path should start with a slash (/). For example, / and /RestAPI/WC/.
        • Enter only the path of the API or product URL. For example, if the entire product URL is https:testserver:8082/, enter only /
        • Only alphanumeric (A-Z,a-z, and 0-9) and special characters [period (.), slash (/) and asterisk (*)] are allowed.
      • Specify the desired IP range in the Allow IP Range field. To add another range, click the + icon, and specify the IP addresses.
    7. Click Save.
    • Use * as wildcard to restrict all addresses within a certain class of IP address. Works only for individual IPs.
    • IP restriction does not apply to localhost machines.
    • Please enter only IPv4 addresses; IPv6 is not supported.
    • Use * as wildcard in API/URL path. E.g.: /RestAPI/.*