Office 365 Settings


Configuring Office 365 settings is a must for creating Office 365 accounts for users via ADManager Plus. Since the account provided here will be used for creating new accounts in Office 365, ensure that you provide an account with the necessary privileges.


To add an Office 365 account in ADManager Plus,



Pre-requisites for configuring an Office 365 account in ADManager Plus

Before you set out to add an Office 365 account in ADManager Plus, ensure that you MSOnline PowerShell module for Azure Active Directory is also installed on the machine where ADManager Plus is installed.

The MSOnline PowerShell module can be installed in two ways:


Installing MSOnline PowerShell module using software

To install MSOnline module, install the below software in the same machine where ADManager Plus server is located:





Install MSOnline module using PowerShell cmdlet (supported for PowerShell versions greater than 2)

Execute the below cmdltes by running the PowerShell as administrator. Run the cmdlet shown in the image below to check the version of PowerShell installed on the machine where ADManager Plus is running.

To install MSOnline through the PowerShell cmdlet, PowerShell version greater than 2 is needed. To install MSOnline module through PowerShell cmdlet, follow these steps:

- For PowerShell versions 3 or 4, ensure that the PowerShellGet and PackageManagement modules are already installed. To check if they are installed or not, run the cmdlets mentioned in the images displayed below.



- If any of the above cmdlets throws up an error,you must then install the modules from here

- To install MSOnline module, execute the cmdlets used in the image displayed below:



For more information, please refer these pages:




If the error message "Unable to authenticate your credentials" is displayed while configuring an Office 365 account, it could be because of any of these reasons:



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