Splunk server integration

    Using this integration, you can forward Active Directory logs from ADManager Plus to Splunk server for detailed auditing. 

    Steps to configure Splunk server settings in ADManager Plus

    • Logon to ADManager Plus console.
    • Click the 'Admin' tab.
    • Select 'Integrations' located under 'System Settings'.
    • Click 'Splunk' located under 'Log Forwarding'.
    • Click on the 'Enable forwarding of ADManager Plus Data' check box to enable sending of logs to Splunk server.
    • Configure the following:
      • Splunk Server: Enter the Splunk server name.
      • Port: Enter the port number.
      • Authentication token: Enter the authentication token.
      • SSL Enabled: Click Yes or No. If Yes, enter the certificate path in the text box.
    • Click 'Save' to save the settings.